Puppetry In India

Puppet Theatre as a form of entertainment is found practically in all parts of the world. In Puppet Theatre various forms, known as puppets, are used to illustrate the narratives

There are basic four kinds of puppets :-





Glove Puppets


These puppets are worn on the hand and the puppeteer manipulates their heads and arms with his fingers. The puppeteer narrates his story in verse or prose, while the puppets provide the visual treat. The glove puppets are found mainly in Orissa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

String Puppets


String puppets are found in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In this, the stress is more on the manipulative skill of the puppeteer. The Kataputali shows of Rajasthan, fall under this category.

Rod Puppets


The Putual Nach (dancing dolls) of West Bengal and the Kathi Kundhei of Orissa are the best examples of rod puppetry in India. The Bengali puppeteers believe that rods are superior to strings in giving the required animation as well as in manipulation as operating the puppets from a lower level gives more freedom.

Shadow Puppets


India has a very long and rich tradition of Shadow theatre. Shadow theatre is a unique kind of performing art where audience only see the shadow cast on the screen and not the puppet figures. There is a light source and a screen and in between the manipulator inserts the figures by lightly pressing them on the screen so that a sharp shadow is formed.

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