What is a Screenplay?

Difference between the Art & Craft of the Writing Screenplay

  • There are two parts of script writing:
  1. Art – What we experience, what we feel give birth to ideas. That nobody can teach. That is a lesson only life and the way an individual choose to live, can teach. The emotionality, sensibility, and the personal culture guides through this.
  2. Craft – It is the way one can present his art. This is something which needed to be learned with dedication and sincerity.

Screenplay and its Elements

  • Screenplay is a written text of a play, film or broadcast.
  • There are several elements of Screenplay writing like;






6.Dialogue etc.

  • These all are separate elements but when we talk about a screenplay it is not possible to talk about these elements is isolation. Everything will come alongside and this is something which should be in this way only.


  • Screenplay is a cinematic medium to tell a story. A story will give birth to a script and a script will give birth to a film. Direction, camera, sound, acting, editing each of these elements are support system for a script. Therefore it is said that;

  You can make a bad film with a good script

  But you can’t make a good film with a bad script

  • The script is actually dependent on a story. It is a story that makes the script happens.

What is a Story?

  • Storytelling is easily as old as humanity and being central to every society.
  • The stories are experience of about every façade of life. Like in Romeo & Juliette there is triumph of love over the loss of life, but in case of Mahabharata there was a loss of so many things behind a victory.
  • It is a medium to make others experience that how I am experiencing the life. Stories are a bridge between you and the world.
  • The need of stories is eternal to human nature like other basic drives that includes food, water, shelter etc.
  • We cannot understand human nature hence we cannot understand life.
  • Stories are the ways of making sense out of life. Life doesn’t make sense. Stories makes sense.
  • Stories are not life. It is not necessarily supposed to being realistic, but in that world of story it makes sense. A person flying doesn’t make sense. But in the world of Spider Man a flying Spiderman makes sense.
  • After hearing every story you realizes as if you have experienced something about life which you understood which is in contrast of life that you don’t understood. Every story starts with your desire to explore certain experience which you don’t understand.

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