Advertising and Marketing Communication

Explore the dynamic world of Advertising & Marketing Communication, mastering strategies and creativity to drive brand success.

Marketing Communication

“The communication components of marketing, which includes PR, Adv., personal selling and sales-promotion are referred to as marketing communication. Advertising is only one of a several marketing communications options available to a company. We already aware with the definition of advertising so the brief review of rest three elements are: Public-Relation – people who have …

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Maslow’s Triangle

Physiological needs — Food, clothing, shelter, warmth, self esteem. Safety needs — Security, Employment of resources, Morality, Health. Social needs — Belonging, love, affection, family. Esteem needs – Confidence, achievement, respect for others. Self-actualization needs – Self awareness, personal growth, creativity, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts. The steps in the triangle show the processes …

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Brand Communication

What is Brand Communication? Brand Communication is the combination of activities that influence customer’s opinions about a company and its products. Brand communication occurs every time a client or prospect interacts with the brand: 1.When customers see a logo 2.View brand in supermarket shelves 3.View brand content (social media, advertising, reviews) 4.Meet a brand in …

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Brand Image & Brand Identity

Brand Image Brand image denote the tangible (physical and functional) benefits and attributes of a brand. This is the also the main difference between “Brand Image” and “Brand Personality”, as the later denote emotional character and associations in consumers’ mind. Brand image is the overall impression in consumers’ mind that is formed from all sources. …

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