Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication

Indian Literature

Introduction Language is a medium through which we express our thoughts. Literature is ideas and philosophies which govern our society. The various forms of literature are poetry, drama, religious and non-religious writings. To know any particular culture, its tradition and civilization it is very important that we understand the evolution of its language and the …

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International News Agencies

Reuters Founded by the Paul Julius Reuter (A German National) in 1851 From the 1860 -1914; Reuters was an imperial organization, the semi-official institution of the British Empire From the American Civil War to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Reuters was the first to break the news and thereby it established a reputation of being …

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Indian News Agencies

Press Trust of India (PTI) PTI is India’s premier news agency, headquartered in New Delhi and is a nonprofit cooperative of more than 500 Indian newspapers. It employs more than 400 journalists and 500 stringers to cover almost every district and small town in India. Collectively, they put out more than 2,000 stories and 200 photographs a day. It’s Hindi …

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News Agencies & News Syndicate

News Agencies (Wire Service) A news agency is an organization that collects news items and distributes them to newspapers or broadcasters. News agencies supplies the news to news media from all sources, be it local, state level, national or international. It also provides byproduct of the news like; pictures, features, criticism, cartoons etc. We may …

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Culture, Civilization and Heritage

Culture and Civilization Culture is a way of life, and representation of what we think and do things. Culture is the things that we have inherited as members of society. Art, music, literature, architecture, sculpture, philosophy, religion and science can be seen as aspects of culture. Culture also includes the customs, traditions, festivals, ways of …

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