Media Convergence

Introduction to Hybrid Media

  • Consider the example of “Cell phone” that takes and transmits photos, provides text messaging, serves as an device for using Internet, use for voice calling, read newspaper content through app, plays multimedia content from YouTube; displays a website etc., is an excellent example of hybrid media.
  • The World Wide Web is another example of a hybrid media, which integrates text, audio, video, graphics and allows for conferencing, chatting, telephoning, video-phoning, and online versions of selling, buying, auctioning, banking, searching, researching, learning, attending seminars and gaming to mention the most common applications.
  • Magazines available on the iPad and other eBook readers are another example of hybrid media that extend the boundaries of the printed magazine.
  • Meaning of the term “HYBRID”

Hybrid is defined as something that is a combination of two different things. E.g:- A car that runs on CNG as well Petrol.

What is Convergence?

Convergence comes from the prefix con-, (meaning – together), and the verb verge, (meaning – to turn toward). Convergence refers to two or more things coming together, joining together or evolving into one.

Example of convergence can be found in the telecom service providers, offering additional services like digital video, Internet protocol telephony (VOIP) and high speed data besides telecom facilities.

Hybridization in context of media

Hybridization is a term used to describe a type of “media convergence” where a new mode emerges containing elements of combined media.

What is media convergence?

Media convergence is cooperation and collaboration between different media forms and platforms. It is the process of blending of the media, telecommunication and computer technology into one digital form.

Hybrid Media

  • Hybrid media is the strategic use of traditional and new media to communicate the message in a more effective way. Hybrid media uses different communications platforms to distribute the same information content, or different platforms for distribution and feedback.
  • A hybrid medium represents the convergence of many different media so that they can carry out more than one function at a time and combine as is the case with the camera cell phone that operates as phone but can also take photos and transmit them.1. TV Today group have four news channels Aaj Tak, Tej, Delhi Aaj Tak, Headlines Today. It also has a weekly magazine called India Today. It has a music label called Music Today. The website of Aaj Tak read as It has an android and ios app.

    2. A brick and mortar business has a website and to promote that website it has a Facebook page and to get traffic on this page they do SEO or SEM plus they put newspaper advertisement as well billboard and hoardings to promote Facebook page and Website.

    3. A photograph, motion picture, printed product, television, computer network and telephone network can all serve as an image communication platform. When two or more of these platforms are used to distribute the same information, this can be called hybrid media.

    4. ALIVE App is a mobile application available on android, ios and other platforms, where a user can use this app to watch the news video content on their mobile by scanning a particular news item printed in the “The Times of India” newspaper.

    5. QR code is an encrypted code printed on a newspaper or magazine, from where it can be scanned by a mobile phone by using QR Code application. This code contains some specific data like a web link of a particular product or an application in the android or ios store.

    6. Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favourite entertainment and apps right onto the big screen.

Hybrid Media Systems

“Hybrid media system” is built upon interactions among old and new media and their associated technologies, genres, norms, behaviors, and organizations.

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