Culture, Civilization and Heritage

Culture and Civilization

  • Culture is a way of life, and representation of what we think and do things.
  • Culture is the things that we have inherited as members of society.
  • Art, music, literature, architecture, sculpture, philosophy, religion and science can be seen as aspects of culture.
  • Culture also includes the customs, traditions, festivals, ways of living and one’s outlook on various issues of life.
  • Culture varies from place to place and country to country. The people of a country are characterized by their distinctive cultural traditions.
  • ‘Culture’ and ‘Civilization’ are different form each other. ‘Culture’ refers to the inner being, a refinement of head and heart and various higher pursuits of human life which are also classified as cultural activities. While civilization may be termed as better ways of living socially and politically and better utilization of nature around us.

Culture and Heritage

  • Every generation transfer their learning to their successor. With the passage of time few things are added and few are dropped which are not considered useful. This is how culture is transmitted and carried forward from generation to next generation.
  • The culture we inherit from our predecessors is called our cultural heritage. It includes values transmitted to next generation. These values are cherished, protected and maintained by them with a great affection and a sense of pride.
  • The architectural creations, monuments, artifacts, the intellectual achievements, philosophy, treasures of knowledge, scientific inventions and discoveries are the part of heritage. For example, Yoga is one of the most important treasures of Indian Cultural heritage.

Characteristics of Culture

  • Culture is learned and acquired
  • Culture is shared by a group of people
  • Culture is cumulative
  • Culture changes
  • Culture is dynamic
  • Culture gives us a range of permissible behavior patterns
  • Culture is diverse
  • Culture is ideational

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