Readership Studies Council of India RSCI

Readership Studies Council of India (RSCI)

Media Research Users Council India (MRUC India), a not-for-profit industry body established in 1994, is responsible for producing research studies that help various stakeholders in the media industry run credible businesses.

MRUC was created to provide its members with credible and consistent research that enables critical marketing and business decisions. The Council has members representing advertisers, agencies, publishers, and broadcasting industries. The council was formed to ensure:

  1. Regular research is needed to measure the effectiveness of media for advertising.
  2. Media products’ consumption data for advertisers.
  3. Accurate and reliable data.

The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) is a not-for-profit organisation with publishers, advertisers, and advertising agencies as its members, formed to certify the circulation figures of its member magazines and newspapers. ABC certifies circulation figures for member publications through a process of audit.

The Media Research Users Council (MRUC) and the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) are the joint promoters of the Readership Studies Council of India (RSCI). The RSCI is mandated by the industry to oversee the conduct of a unified Indian Readership Study (IRS), the world’s largest continuous readership study.

IRS 2019 Q4 covered a sample of 327,661 households across India. The sample was spread across urban India (214,357 households) and rural India (113,304 households).

Indian Readership Survey Snapshot
Indian Readership Survey Snapshot

The Readership Studies Council of India (RSCI) plays a crucial role in understanding and analysing the readership patterns and preferences of the Indian population. As an authoritative body, RSCI conducts comprehensive research studies to gather data on readership habits across different mediums, such as print, digital, and mobile.

Indian Readership Survey 2019
Indian Readership Survey 2019

With a focus on accuracy and reliability, RSCI provides valuable insights into the reading habits of various demographics, including age groups, gender, socio-economic backgrounds, and geographical regions. By conducting surveys and collecting data from a diverse range of sources, RSCI enables publishers, advertisers, and marketers to make informed decisions regarding content creation and distribution strategies.

Through its extensive research efforts, RSCI helps stakeholders in the media industry understand the evolving landscape of readership trends in India. This knowledge empowers publishers to tailor their content offerings to suit the preferences of their target audience. Advertisers can also leverage RSCI’s findings to optimise their marketing campaigns by reaching out to specific reader segments effectively.

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