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All India Radio (AIR)

In India, like in many other countries, amateur’s radio clubs were the first to start broadcasting. Organized broadcasting in India was started by the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) in 1927. However IBC was a financial failure in spite of a loon from the government and it was closed down in March, 1930. Under pressure from the radio-set dealers, programmers and the general public, the government took over the Bombay and Calcutta stations in April, 1930 and ISBS was formed. But again due to financial difficulties it was closed on 10 Oct. 1931. In 1932, the BBC started an Empire service. Increasing number of imported radio set enhance the government’s revenue in terms of import duty and license free. Broadcasting now become financially viable. There on 1 Jan, 1936 broadcast started from Delhi’s radio station.

The broadcasting service changed its name to All India Radio (AIR) from 8 June, 1936. Earlier the chief of radio was known as “controller of broadcasting” unlike today as he called the “Director General”, National AIR channel via satellite was started in May, 1988.

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