News Agencies & News Syndicate

News Agencies (Wire Service)

  • A news agency is an organization that collects news items and distributes them to newspapers or broadcasters. News agencies supplies the news to news media from all sources, be it local, state level, national or international. It also provides byproduct of the news like; pictures, features, criticism, cartoons etc. We may say, news agencies are wholesaler of news services.
  • News agencies are may be owned co-operatively by its members or, paid for by its clients.
  • News agencies are also known as wire services, as they initially used teletypewriter and telegraph wire to send the content. Now it has been replaced by the internet.

News Syndicate

  • News syndicate are different from news agencies
  • News syndicate distributes news articles, columns, feature articles, comic strips, crossword puzzles, book reviews etc. to individual newspaper or magazine
  • News syndicates have contract with artists, writers and photographers for a host of popular features that are sold to newspapers
  • Example:- The New York Times Syndicate
  • The New York Times Syndicate provides articles, commentary, images and multimedia to thousands of clients worldwide. The Syndicate offers stories from renowned publications and commentary from the world\’s greatest thinkers, with accompanying images, videos and graphics. Translations of select services are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese

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