Perception Process

Selective Attention: When something happens, we perceive it, and this perception is a way to filter the reality; we use our senses to collect information. We don’t use all the data, but just a selection of them, mainly on the basis of motivation (what we are interested in), culture and background, physiological status.

Selective Distortion: When we perceive something, our mind tries to categorize what has just been perceived with something already known, something present in our memory, creating a link between the past and the present; this give us the possibility to understand what happened through the past experience.

Selective Retention: The most of what we learn is forgotten; we tend to remember what agrees with our own opinions and with our own point of view.

Need, Want &  Desire

Needsare basic in nature, something absolutely necessary like food, shelter etc.

Wants is a feeling for something we lack.

Desire is an extension of a \”want\”, with clear objective of filling the gap that \”want\” had left with.

Needs are usually physiological, while wants and desires are more psychological.

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