Characteristics of Television

  1. An audio-visual medium

TV has both sound and sight. A TV broadcast is conceived and produced and received in audio-visual terms. As eyes absorbs and retain much more than the ear so, TV broadcasts have greater influence on viewers than radio’s audience.

  1. Features of other media

It has borrowed movement from stage, camera from the film and the microphone from the radio and integrate all these into a whole that makes TV uniquely new medium.

  1. Wide reach and high credibility

It’s a supreme medium of mass communication which has turned world into a global village. It has turned our society into an information society. It has widen the mental horizon of man by humanizes knowledge and make them feel as a citizen of world. Its credibility lies in the fact that seeing is believing.

Because of its reach and believability, it becomes a powerful medium for projecting the world of politics, sports, arts, personalities, events and ideas.

  1. A glamorous medium

It shows glittering personalities, fashion shows, rich and famous people etc. and all this sitting back at home which adds to its glamour. Because of this TV has also been called the magic box, which fascinates the millions.

However on the bad side, the glamour and magic of TV has a potential of attracting people to the point of addiction.

  1. A medium of the close-up

Because of small screen, it is ideal for close up of human faces, expression, reaction and interaction between people, for presenting an interview and discussion etc.

  1. A living room medium

TV is a medium of and for the family. TV watching brings the family together.

  1. A democratizing medium

It is a democratizing medium as it is available to all the people. It democratizes information, informal education and literature etc. by catering to all sections of society. Most of the TV programs are for the common man.

  1. A medium of Immediacy

TV is a supreme reporter and it captures the evens as they are happening. TV operates in fixed time units which makes performers, writers of the scripts and producer to be disciplined.

  1. Advertisers Influence

TV is a great salesman of modern times. The businessman sells his product and services through TV and it allows them to reach out to a vast no. of potential and actual costumers.

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