Brand Pyramid

  • The brand pyramid is a model that illustrates the steps by which a customer establishes loyalty to a particular brand.
  • Building a brand pyramid is a structured way of crafting a communication strategy that creates brand synergy starting with the features and attributes of a product/service to the “brand idea”.
  • The model can be visualized as an inverted pyramid with five levels. As one moves up the pyramid, from the broad base to the narrow point, customer loyalty increases in direct proportion to revenue potential.
  • There are five level to the Brand Pyramid:

1.Level One: Features and Attributes

2.Level Two: Functional Benefits

3.Level Three: Emotional Benefits

4.Level Four: Brand Personality

Level Five: Brand Idea

  • Level One: Attributes and Features – It focus on those attributes of a product or service that are most desirable and that provide differentiation.
  • Level Two: Functional Benefits – This level identify the tangible benefits that consumers will experience by using a product or service, i.e. ROI, cost
    savings, time savings, enhanced productivity etc.
  • Level Three: Emotional Benefits – This level identify the intangible benefits that consumers will experience, i.e. Happiness, confidence, more time, peace of mind, more attention, etc.
  • Level Four: Brand Personality – The brand personality dictate how consumers respond to a brand on an emotional level. It manifests itself in human characteristics such as sincerity, competence, or fun etc.
  • Level Five: Brand Idea – The “brand idea” is the essence of what a marketer want their customers to think of every time they hear or see the brand.


  • Brand Pyramid may be developed as a marketing strategy  for a brand’s product, or service. The different stages of brand pyramid helps to understand a marketer that how people go through while they build loyalty towards a brand.
  • There are several different versions of the Brand Pyramid, but most are based on the model originally created by Millward Brown, in the mid-1990s. The pyramid, illustrates the five key stages that customers   go through with a brand, starting with basic awareness and finishing with complete loyalty.

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