Mobile News Technology

What is Mobile Journalism?

  • Process of gathering and delivering news using a Smartphone or Tablet. It is a trend in news covering and broadcasting and has the potential to become the new standard in journalism practice, especially to report breaking news.
  • Mobile journalist need to be their own cameraman and editor. They have the skills to complete the whole process of news production in the field, from news gathering to publishing and broadcasting.

Advantage of Mobile Journalism

  • Lower costs
  • Mobility
  • Safety
  • 4K quality
  • Live stream
  • Makes the Job Efficient
  • Allows creativity and requires experimentation

Skills Required for Mobile Journalism

  • Able to plan a mobile-produced story. This includes creating a script, a rough storyboard, getting strong visuals and using live streaming apps for digital audiences.
  • Learn to shoot and edit video packages in the field with a Smartphone. This involves being able to use the right software to incorporate sound and transitions, etc.
  • Audiences no longer consume media through a single platform. Mobile journalist must adapt to multi-platform mediums and different screens, and be able to produce tailored content for each one of them.

Apps for Shooting, Editing & Broadcasting

  • Camera Plus – iOS – Enhances iPhone to shoot quality pictures.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – iOS & Android – Video Editing
  • SnapseediOS & Android – Advanced editing app. Automatic edit option.
  • FiLMiC Pro – iOS & Android – Broadcast-quality video. Variable frame rates up to 240fps.
  • Cinema FV-5 – Android – Professional camera app designed for Android
  • iMovieiOS – Edit at resolutions up to 4K on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro
  • KineMasterAndroid – Subscription based professional video editor
  • Pinnacle Studio – iOS – TV-broadcasting quality video editor
  • WeVideoiOS & Android – Cloud-based video editor. Subscription required
  • Voice Recorder Pro – iOS – Professional voice recorder that allows recording both voice and on-site audio.
  • PCM Recorder – iOS & Android – Uses the phone´s internal mic for high quality recording
  • Periscope – iOS & Android – Live streaming with geo-location feature. Sharing on Twitter.
  • Facebook Live – iOS & Android – Live streaming with geo-location feature. Sharing on Facebook.
  • MeerkatAndroid – Broadcasts via Twitter. Allows video saving.
  • UstreamiOS & Android – A live streaming app that allows to schedule broadcasts. It includes live and recorded viewing, but no geo-location. It allows Twitter and Facebook broadcasting connections.
  • BambuseriOS & Android – Bambuser allows to share live streaming and geotag on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace as well integration of a video onto a website or blog. It has a live chat feature while live broadcasting.

Miscellaneous App

  • DropBoxAllows journalists to share files with peers & newsroom.
  • EvernoteNote taking app. Synchronizes text, audio and photos to Internet connected devices.
  • Skype – Useful for interviews or live coverage of breaking news.
  • Instagram – Share video and photo with hashtags and links.
  • Pages – Word Processing app. Allows to create documents with photos.
  • Google Voice – Record incoming calls, translates voice mail into text.
  • SnapchatMessaging app that allows to send messages, video & photos to an audience.
  • GravieAdd text & graphics to videos.



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